Everything you need to know about Broadstreet XPRESS

Broadstreet XPRESS is an expansive, next-generation advertising platform for publishers who manage their own ad sales. It incorporates features unavailable on competing platforms such as ad blocker invisibility, a free library of turn-key rich ad formats, an impressive array of analytics and reports for advertisers, and plenty of convenience features for publishers.

XPRESS’ pricing isn’t a great fit for the casual blogger. It’s a revenue generation and retention platform for serious news organizations with revenue targets. The increased price compared to the Light tier reflects costs required to develop and run a much more sophisticated infrastructure for features such as analytics, reporting, and white-labeling.

Here is a 20-minute demo — an outline of features is below this.

Deep Metrics Tracking and Analytics

When you tell an advertiser their ad got x,xxx clicks, how confident are you in that number? Were those clicks from real people, or web robots? Did they come from your geographical area? Can you prove you didn’t simply click on the ad all of those times to boost the numbers?

Right now, your competition has the same problem. They can’t prove the origin of clicks either. Ad platforms just don’t offer this as a standard feature. But with Broadstreet XPRESS, you have access to that data. XPRESS gives you detailed information on where clicks originated, the towns they came from most often, and the zip code and ISP of the clicking user. With XPRESS, you can prove that the stats you provide are legitimate, and implicitly call your competition’s reports into question.

Broadstreet Xpress Reports
Typical click analytics for an ad

Custom Ad Metrics

We’ve got all those great formats, and we certainly didn’t stop at “clicks and views” as the lone metrics we tracked. Many of our ad formats have additional, extended metrics that are tracked as well. For example, we have our YouTube ad which tends to perform very well. But did you know we also track metrics such as whether the video was actually played and how much of it was viewed?

Our Cube format tracks clicks to the next slide in the rotation. Our scratch-off ad tracks how much of the ad was scratched off, and if the the scratch was eventually completed. The list goes on. Now you can show detailed engagement metrics to your advertisers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.45.38 PM
‘Play’ metric analytics for a YouTube ad

Fancy Report Generation

You sold the ad months ago. You’ve got some nice metrics. Now how do you present all of this data to the advertiser?

With Broadstreet XPRESS, you can generate impressive, white-labeled PDF reports for your clients. And you can automate them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis too.

A typical PDF report. Click to view the actual PDF.
A screenshot of a typical PDF report. Click to view the full PDF.

Exclusive Ad Formats

There are some ad formats that are only available to Broadstreet XPRESS customers. And they’re pretty dang handy.

Our Sponsored Content Tracker is a special invisible “ad” that you paste at the bottom of a sponsored content post. It tracks views, unique views, how many people read the entire post, how many times it was shared on social media, and much more.

Many of our publishers have told us that sponsored content is becoming a very lucrative revenue stream. We want to make sure that they have the tools required to provide clients with a great performance report at the end of a sponsored content campaign.

The ad format gallery displaying the XPRESS Exclusive ad format
The ad format gallery displaying the XPRESS Exclusive ad category

Ad Blocker Invisibility

We won’t go into too much detail here, but with a little assistance from us, we can make sure AdBlock plus (and friends) have a difficult time filtering ads on your site. We believe in the benefits of great journalism in a democracy, and we aren’t about to let our publishers lose their lifeline (money) or come under fire because of some bad apples on the internet.

Look ma, ads. Note "AdBlock Plus" running in the top right corner.
AdBlock Plus running in the top right corner. Look ma, ads.


Target ads to users in a given geographic area. What more is there to say? Larger publishers use this to target metro areas, and smaller publisher use it to guarantee ad views and clicks come from a given region (usually specified by advertisers).

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.16.00 PM
Geotarget by city or zip and a radius.

Keyword Targeting

Want to target a campaign to a specific category or page on your site? You can do that with Broadstreet XPRESS. Heck, you can target just about anything you want with the proper setup.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.18.33 PM

Campaign Status Emails

Stay on top of campaign expirations so you can hit the bricks and renew as soon as possible. All it takes it one checkbox to enable it.

A campaign expiration email report
A campaign expiration email report

And More

That isn’t the end of the list. There are plenty of other features that make life much easier for a publisher, and come standard with the XPRESS package, such as:

  • CDN ad delivery
  • Advertiser and advertisement archiving
  • Report whitelabeling

And many future features, such as Lazerbeam. Do not miss the opportunity to give Broadstreet’s XPRESS tier a try.