How Campaign weights work. You can set different weights for your campaigns. This allows you to boost which campaigns rotate more or less frequently through your zones.

These weights are:

  • Remnant: 0
  • Low: .5
  • Normal: 1
  • High: 1.5
  • Sponsorship (Guaranteed): — Read Below
  • Custom: Any number between 1 and 100

In general, multiple campaigns will ultimately have their weights normalized for comparison. There are two special weights, however: Remnant and Sponsorship.

Remnant campaigns only run when there are no other campaigns of a higher priority. This is useful for house ads, PSAs, etc. Sponsorships have the opposite effect: they take priority over all other campaigns.

A zone with multiple sponsorship-level campaigns will have its impressions divided evenly among the campaigns for equal share of voice. If you simply wish to have a share of voice setup in a zone, you can leave all campaigns at default priority.

Here’s how weighting works for weights that aren’t remnant or sponsorship-level:

If you have six campaigns that you want to rotate in a single zone, but want them to deliver impressions like this:

  • Campaign 1 – 20%
  • Campaign 2 – 20%
  • Campaign 3 – 20%
  • Campaign 4 – 10%
  • Campaign 5 – 10%
  • Campaign 6 – 20%

You could give Campaigns 4 & 5 a “low” weight and you could expect them to deliver 10% of the time. The way the Campaign weights work those priorities would work out to be:

  • Campaign 1 Priority: 1
  • Campaign 2 Priority: 1
  • Campaign 3 Priority: 1
  • Campaign 4 Priority: .5
  • Campaign 5 Priority: .5
  • Campaign 6 Priority: 1

If you need even finer tuning of your campaign weights, you can use the “custom” weight which will let you set a weight between 1 and 100. It’s important to know which campaigns are running in the same zones as the campaign you’re setting weights for — any weights you set for a campaign will impact the share of voice that other campaigns targeting the same zones receive.

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