Why the Click Destination Link Isn’t Working on Your Flash or SWF Ad

Flash ads are special format ads that usually come in the form of a .swf file. They are essentially mini-programs that run inside the browser, and they were usually made by a flash developer.

In order to make flash ads clickable, the developer must build the flash ad to accept a parameter known as clickTAG. This has become somewhat of an unofficial industry standard: read more on Wikipedia.

Broadstreet’s adserver passes in the destination URL you enter in for this parameter. If the clicks don’t work, there’s a very good chance that the developer of the .swf is not accepting the clickTAG parameter as they should, or is using a less common variation of the parameter’s capitalization, such as clickTag, which Broadstreet doesn’t accept.

Destination Link

If a flash ad you received is not respecting the destination URL that you set, you should tell the developer or agency that the standard clickTAG parameter required for your adserver does not seem to be utilized. You may want to specify the capitalization of clickTAG required, and send them the Wikipedia link.