In order to allow an advertiser to edit their ad you’ll first want to set up the advertiser as a user.

Go to your dashboard and visit the advertiser’s page. If the page does not exist yet, click “Advertisers” on the left and click “New Advertiser on the top right. Give the advertiser a name and save.

Click “Edit Advertiser” on the top right of the page. Use the pane on the right to add the advertiser as an administrator. You will be prompted for a password. Send this email and password combination to your client, and direct them to:

Now, for any ads that you create for this advertiser, check the “allow editing” box on the “Create Advertisement” page. If the advertisement that requires editing by your client already exists, you’ll want to visit the “Edit Advertisement” page and check that box instead.

The advertiser will now be able to log in and access their advertisement.