Broadstreet supports the delivery of advertisements into Facebook Instant Articles. Instant Articles support a variable number of ad units sized as either 300×250 or 300×50. The total number of ad units supported in a given article is determined by Facebook and depends on the content’s length.

This articles assumes the use of the official Instant Articles plugin by Facebook and Automattic, although the iframe portion in steps 2 and 3 is relevant to all potential implementations.

Here are the steps to inserting ads into Instant Articles.

1. Optionally create a new zone in your Broadstreet account for Instant Articles, or choose an existing zone to use. Remember, this zone will need to serve exclusively 300×250 or 300×50 sized ad units. Larger ads will be clipped.

Click on “Zones” on the left side of the dashboard and then “New Zone” on the top right. Give the zone a name like “Instant Articles – 300×250” and save it.

2. On the screen for the existing or newly created zone, take note of the Zone ID. In the image below, the zone ID is 63671.

3. Insert the Zone ID from step 2 into this URL in the place of ZONEID. So this:

Would become this:

This will be your “Custom iframe URL” — remember this for the next step.

4. After you have installed the official Instant Articles plugin in WordPress, click Instant Articles to visit the settings page. Skip to the “Ads” configuration section. Select “Custom iframe URL” as the “Ad Type.” Paste in the URL from step 3 as the “Source URL.”

You are now ready to run ads in this new zone as you would run ads in zones on your website, and they will appear in your Instant Articles.