Want to run ads on your Weebly site?

Running ads on your Weebly site can be simple if you use Broadstreet. The first step to running ads with Broadstreet is registering for an account here.

Step 1:

Login to your Broadstreet Dashboard

You can log in to your Broadstreet dashboard here.

Step 2:

Create Zones

Zones, sometimes called “Ad Units” by other vendors, represent areas on your website where you wish for ads to appear. For example, you might have an ad unit called “Sidebar – Top,” because you will eventually want ads to appear at the top of a sidebar on your website. We’ll use that as an example.

On the left side of your dashboard, click Zones.

Click “New Zone” on the top right. Give the zone a name — this might be something like “Sidebar – Top.” Some users prefer to add sizing to zone names for informational purposes. For example, “Sidebar – Top – 300×250.”

Give the Zone a name of your choosing. For example, a very common area for ads is the top of the sidebar, so many clients have a zone named “Sidebar Top.”

After your zone has been created, get the code for the zone. You can do this by clicking the “Get Zone Code” button on the top right of your dashboard.

Step 3:

Placing your zone code in Weebly

Once you have copied your zone code you will need to add it to your site.

After clicking get zone code you will choose the Javascript (v2.0) code tab. The first box of code only needs to be added to your site once. You can add this code by adding a code box on your Weebly site. It is recommended to add this code to the footer or header of your page.

After this code is added you will need to add the zone code from box 2.  You will need to put this code exactly where you would like your zone to be on your page and consequently ads to appear, again this is done by adding a code box in Weebly. Repeat this step for as many zones as you would like on your page.

Creating ads and placing them

Once you have added your code you will need to create ads and place them on your page. Return to your Broadstreet dashboard. Click “Advertisers” in the left-side menu

and then click “New Advertiser” on the top right.

Once you have created a new Advertiser, click into it. Click “New Advertisement” on the top right of the screen.

After you have created your Ad you will start a campaign. Here you can pick a start and end date along with the Zone you would like the ad to show up in.

Once your Advertisement is created, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Quick Campaign” section. Optionally select a start and end date, and the ad zone that you would like that ad to appear in — you may select multiple zones.

Repeat these steps for as many ads as needed.

Now, visit your website — you should see the ads you’ve just placed.