WordPress site set up with Broadstreet

Trying to set up your WordPress site with Broadstreet? If so follow the instructions below. If you are trying to set any other site up with Broadstreet click here.

Log In to Your WordPress Website

Once you are logged in, click “Plugins” in the menu on the left side of the screen. Click “Add New.” Search for the “Broadstreet” plugin in the search bar.
Word press site set up with Broadstreet plugin

Once you find it, click “Install Now.” Installing the plugin is optional, but will make setup much easier.

When you have successfully installed the Broadstreet plugin, login to your Broadstreet account at http://my.broadstreetads.com.

Create Zones / Ad Units

Zones, sometimes called “Ad Units” by other vendors, represent areas on your website where you wish for ads to appear. For example, you might have an ad unit called “Sidebar – Top,” because you will eventually want ads to appear at the top of a sidebar on your website. We’ll use that as an example.

On the left side of your dashboard, click Zones.

Click “New Zone” on the top right. Give the zone a name — this might be something like “Sidebar – Top.” Some users prefer to add sizing to zone names for informational purposes. For example, “Sidebar – Top – 300×250.”

Now that you have created one zone create as many zones as you may need in different areas of you website. Some examples of different zones are “Top Leaderboard,” “Bottom Leader Board,” or “Banner.”

Go Back to WordPress

Click ‘Broadstreet’ in the menu on the left side of the page. This page will ask you for an access token and provide a link to retrieve one. Copy and paste that token in the area specified and click “Save.”

After saving your token, click “Appearance” on the left side of the screen, then click “Widgets.”

This is where you will finally place the ad zones into the widget areas that your theme makes available to you. Drag a new “Broadstreet Ad Zone” widget to any widget area where would like ads to appear.

Once you have moved all Broadstreet Ad Zones to their desired positions, click “Save.”

Add an Advertiser

On the Broadstreet Dashboard click “Advertiser” on the right of the screen. Then you will click “New Advertiser” which is located in the top right corner.

Once you have set the details of your advertiser and saved, click the advertiser’s name. Then click “New Advertisement,” which is also located in the top right of the screen.

Creating Advertisements

Pick an advertisement type that you would like to create from the format gallery. A common ad to use as a placeholder is the “Placeholder” ad format, which you can search for. Once you find it, fill in the requested information and click “Create Advertisement.”

Once your Advertisement is created, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Quick Campaign” section. Optionally select a start and end date, and the ad zone that you would like that ad to appear in — you may select multiple zones.

Repeat these steps for as many ads as needed.

Now, visit your website — you should see the ads you’ve just placed.