This is an ad that appears as a popup/overlay in the middle of the page when the user moves their cursor toward the address bar, which indicated that they may be deciding to leave the website or page. Because this ad is dependent on cursor events, it's generally best suited for desktop/laptop devices.

Supported Sizes

Event Tracking

In addition to core event tracking, this ad format also tracks these events:

  • Official View: The number of times the ad was presented to a user (not the number of times it served)
  • Close: The number of times the ad was manually closed by the user

Setup / Inputs

These are the fields / inputs taken to generate this ad. In general, inputs are not required. That said, these inputs are how you customize the ad!

  • Ad Image: The image to display inside the roadblock
    Default value:
    Default Value

  • Destination (optional): Where the user is taken when the ad in the roadblock is clicked
    Default value:

  • Width: The width of the roadblock - usually the width of the image you uploaded
    Default value:

  • Description (optional): Any additional text you'd like to add underneath the image
    Default value:

  • Padding: The amount of padding, in pixels, to have between the edge of the roadblock and its content
    Default value:

  • Cap: The number of times the popup should show per 'Display Period'
    Default value:

  • Display Period: Default is 1 day. The number of seconds that should pass before the popup is displayed to the user again
    Default value:

  • Once per Page: Limit the pop to 1 time per page?
    Default value:

Embed An Example In Your Media Kit

Customers who wish to embed the example on some "Media Kit" page on their website can do so in one of two ways:

  • Option 1: If you have Wordpress and the Broadstreet plugin, you can use this shortcode anywhere in any post to render the example.

    [broadstreet ad="114393"]
  • Option 2: If you do not have Wordpress, or choose not install the Broadstreet plugin, you can embed this javascript code snippet into your post:

    <div street-address="114393"></div><script>
    (function(d, s) {
      var destination = '%%CLICK_URL_ESC%%';
      var js, bjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
      js = d.createElement(s); js.async = true;
      js.src = "//"
        + (window.broadstreet ? 'init=0' : '')
        + (destination.indexOf('CLICK_URL_ESC') >= 0
          ? '' : '&destination=' + destination);
      bjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, bjs);
    }(document, 'script'));</script>