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Leveraging the Power of AI for Publishers, Editors, Developers, and Sales
(August 9, 2023 @ 1:00 P.M. ET) | Register Here

**This is the promised virtual version of a popular session given by Kenny Katzgrau at the City and Regional Magazine Association conference in Baltimore.**

You will walk away impressed and with useful ideas that you can use today.

AI will transform operations at companies of all sizes. Its power goes far beyond the classic example of generating text — and extends to the most overlooked areas of a publisher’s day-to-day operations.

With that said, its applications aren’t always immediately obvious.

This session will walk through the usage of the freely available ChatGPT and select AI-powered tools to provide some particularly impressive and role-specific use cases that should absolutely be leveraged by your team to save time and reduce internal bottlenecks.

On-Demand Webinar:
How to Package and Price Digital Ads and Sponsored Content | 1:00pm ET, every day

Previous Webinars

How to Find, Hire, & Pay a Sales Rep | Watch Here

Everyone wants a great sales rep on their team — but as a publisher you may be frustrated because you:

  • Need someone desperately, but don’t know where to begin
  • Have hired someone in the past who seemed great on paper but didn’t succeed
  • Hired someone who performed poorly and is … still part of the staff!

In this webinar, Kenny Katzgrau outlines:

  • Who you should be looking for, at your stage of business
  • The qualifications you should seek
  • How to collect, screen and evaluate candidates
  • How to inspire your favorite candidates to work with you
  • How to hire and pay them
  • How to move on to better options quickly (not years later!)

The Perfect Ad Sales Meeting (Nov. 30, 2022) | Watch Here

Anyone can be a great salesperson.

In this webinar Broadstreet CEO, Kenny Katzgrau, will explain how to run a sales meeting so effective, that it won’t feel like a sales meeting.

How to Package and Price Digital Ads and Sponsored Content (Sept. 22, 2022) | Watch Here

“How much should I charge?”

This is easily the most common question we get, and the answer is not based on how much traffic your site gets.

Walk away from this workshop with a clear plan for what you should be charging for your display, newsletter, and sponsored content packages — all with rock-solid confidence in those prices.

What’s Possible with Broadstreet? (Aug. 11, 2022) | Watch Here

We believe that an ad manager should be a powerful tool to drive your business forward, not simply deliver banner ads. Learn about the Broadstreet features that local and B2B publishers use to impress clients, automate manual work, and stand out from the competition — which you may not know about. Walk away from this webinar with actionable plans that you can put into place in a matter of weeks, if not days. Publishers and sales teams are encouraged to attend.

In this session, we cover:

  • The newest creative templates and how to use them
  • The latest client-ready reporting
  • Newsletter ad delivery and tracking tips/tricks
  • Sponsored content reporting
  • Automated reporting
  • Native and classified-like advertising
  • Programmatic (backfill and retargeting)

The Intersection Virtual Conference (May 13, 2022) | Watch Here

Sessions include:

Happy Customers: How to Get Them and Keep Them
– Scott Brodbeck, Publisher, ARLnow.com

Why Buy? What Advertisers Really Want
– L’areal Lipkins, Sales Coach, Lipkins Consulting Group

How Shawnee Mission Post Grew Memberships to Two-Thirds Its Annual Revenue
– Jay Senter, Publisher, Shawnee Mission Post

Best Impressions: Ad Sales Panel
– Hosted by Kenny Katzgrau, CEO, Broadstreet
– Annette Batson, Ad Sales Director, Baristanet
– Kathleen Hashbarger, Director of Advertising Sales, MyEdmondsNews
– Ross Furukawa, Founder, Santa Monica Daily Press
– Kim Clark, Vice President of Business Development, Noozhawk

Inflation Busting: Digital Ad Sales With Broadstreet (March 31, 2022)

We made it through a pandemic, but now costs are higher all around. Marketing needs, however, haven’t gone away and there’s plenty of ad spending.

Get up to speed on the latest Broadstreet features while learning how to:

* Sell to price-sensitive accounts, even in this market
* Target bigger advertisers and win them over
* Automate more work for you and your team
* Look like an ad sales all-star with Q&A with Annette Batson

Webinar: Rapid Recovery: Win Advertisers Back After COVID (May 19, 2021) | Watch Here

As small businesses rebound from COVID, advertising budgets are coming back. Publishers and their sales teams are, of course, looking to get back to “normal” as quickly as possible.

Need some ideas on recapturing advertisers?

Join Kenny Katzgrau of Broadstreet and all-star sales professional Annette Batson of Baristanet as they provide specific insight into how to win back advertisers that may have taken a break during the pandemic.

The Rookie’s Guide to Digital Ad Sales

Whether you’re a rookie ramping up or a veteran looking for some new insights, this crash course on digital ad sales is sure to get you and your ad sales team primed for the first ad buying season of 2021.

As more publishers are launching digital publications, and advertisers are beginning to ramp up spending again, it’s becoming increasingly important to have an efficient and effective sales process that works — even if a rookie’s implementing it.

Watch Kenny Katzgrau of Broadstreet and all-star sales professional Annette Batson of Baristanet walk you through the condensed version of their popular 8-part “Optimal Digital Ad Sales Process” series from 2020.

Webinar: The Rookie’s Guide to Digital Ad Sales (April 14, 2021) | Watch Here

Launch a Hyperlocal Webinar Series

The most comprehensive guide to launching a hyperlocal news business ever assembled. We were joined by a panel of 12 hyperlocal news and LION veterans. Watch the full three-webinar series and download all enclosed worksheets from our Launch a Local News Website and Business: Startup Resource Center

Webinar 1: Planning – How to Assess the Viability of a Hyperlocal News Business & What You Need to Know | Watch Here

Webinar 2: Launch – An Action-Oriented Guide to Choosing Website Platforms & Revenue-Generating Tools  | Watch Here

Webinar 3: Growth – What Every Business Owner Should Know to Grow & Thrive – First Hires, Goal Setting, & More | Watch Here

Ad Sales Training Webinar Series | Watch Here