Create a video ad from a YouTube URL, Vimeo URL, or URL to a raw video file. In some cases (such as Instagram), URLs to posts with videos may be entered. You may also supply text, a photo, and logo.

Supported Sizes

Event Tracking

In addition to core event tracking, this ad format also tracks these events:

  • Video Plays: If any posts contained video, how many times they were played in total

Setup / Inputs

These are the fields / inputs taken to generate this ad. In general, inputs are not required. That said, these inputs are how you customize the ad!

  • Video: A Vimeo URL, YouTube URL, URL to a raw video file, or in some cases, the URL to a page with a video
    Default value:

  • Placeholder Image: For video URLs only (not YouTube or Vimeo) — an optional image to use as a video placeholder (defaults to the first video frame)
    Default value:

  • Logo: A logo for this advertiser
    Default value:

  • Advertiser Name: A title for the photo/picture, or perhaps the advertiser's name
    Default value:
    Advertiser Title

  • Text: The description text to display below the photo
    Default value:

  • Destination: Where the user should be taken when they click the ad
    Default value:

  • Width: The maximum width of the ad
    Default value:

  • Autoplay on Mute?: Should the video autoplay? This is only supported in some browsers
    Default value:

Embed An Example In Your Media Kit

Customers who wish to embed the example on some "Media Kit" page on their website can do so in one of two ways:

  • Option 1: If you have Wordpress and the Broadstreet plugin, you can use this shortcode anywhere in any post to render the example.

    [broadstreet ad="103347"]
  • Option 2: If you do not have Wordpress, or choose not install the Broadstreet plugin, you can embed this javascript code snippet into your post:

    <div street-address="103347"></div><script>
    (function(d, s) {
      var destination = '%%CLICK_URL_ESC%%';
      var js, bjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
      js = d.createElement(s); js.async = true;
      js.src = "//"
        + (window.broadstreet ? 'init=0' : '')
        + (destination.indexOf('CLICK_URL_ESC') >= 0
          ? '' : '&destination=' + destination);
      bjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, bjs);
    }(document, 'script'));</script>