Broadstreet Valet is currently in testing with several publishers. Terms and pricing are subject to fine-tuning.

Sometimes, the time required to upload a new campaign or set of ads into Broadstreet is not the most effective use of time for a sales rep, ad operations rep, or the publisher.

Additionally, there may not be enough time in the schedule to create a “spec ad” for an upcoming sales meeting or set of sales meetings.

It would be great to have someone akin to a Virtual Assistant to complete these tasks for you.

With Broadstreet Valet, you may now request that Broadstreet’s team complete ad operations tasks for you. Think of us as an on-demand part of your team that will help you spend more time on the important things (publishing, selling) and less time on the back office work.

After reading the terms below, simply email a task to and we’ll have it completed for you within 24 hours, or ask any clarifying questions if needed.

Terms and Conditions

  • All Valet requests will be sent to
  • Service hours are currently 9am to 6pm US Eastern Time. These hours are expected to expand over time.
  • Tasks may be one of three types:
    • Ad Operations: Creating ads, campaigns, and running reports
    • Site Reconfiguration: If you’re launching a new design or simply need additional zones added
    • Spec Ads: Creating “spec” ads for your prospective clients, using one of our ad format templates
  • Requests should be as clear and specific as possible to avoid any clarifying questions.
  • Requests will be completed within 1 business day if there are no clarifying questions.
  • The price of a task is $10 per 15 minutes of work, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes (subject to adjustment as the program develops). If we anticipate a task taking longer than 1 hour, we will notify you ahead of time to confirm. Pricing is subject to change as needed to support the service.
  • After completion of a task, our team will notify you of completion and add the task to your next Broadstreet statement.
  • Broadstreet’s team will make every effort to clarify instructions when needed, and complete tasks successfully. We, do, although, reserve the right to refuse tasks that require we consider “out of scope,” poorly specified, or requiring unreasonable workloads.
  • Although our team is quite capable and well-versed with our platform, due to the potential for omissions, ambiguities, and miscommunications that may arise in task requests, it is strongly recommended that the task requestor checks our team’s work upon completion. The task requestor has the responsibility of verifying the successful completion of a task.