“Pop Out” style ads are those formats that don’t place like a traditional banner ad. For example, a roadblock ad or sticky note ad jumps out of the page and positions itself. Although these ads seem to behave differently, the setup of these ads involves the exact same process as normal ads. You create the ad and direct the ad to the desired available zone in a campaign — it doesn’t matter where on the page that the zone is, the ad will position itself correctly.

Remember: If a pop-out ad is targeted to a zone alongside one or more ads, the usual “share of voice” behavior of zones applies. That is, if you have two banners and a pop-out targeted to a zone, one ad/campaign will be randomly chosen per page load by default. This means an ad like a sticky or roadblock, if selected would appear while its original zone position would be blank. For this reason, many publishers choose to dedicate a zone (usually in the footer of the page) to pop-out format ads.

Pop Out Ad example