Are 3rd party ads accepted? Yes! We support third party advertisements.

You can track clicks as long as the third party ad type supports click macros. Unfortunately, not all of them do. Broadstreet automatically inserts the correct macros for:

  • Google DCM /Placement Tags
  • Sizmek
  • Broadstreet

Some third party tags have macros embedded in them already. If you see items like “%%CLICK_URL_ESC%%” or similar in the code, this is the case and you do not need to do anything further.

For tags where macros are not automatically inserted or do not have macros already embedded, you can insert them manually according to your client’s instructions. Broadstreet supports common adserver macros, including:


Here’s how you can one set up:

  1. Select the advertiser you want to create the ad for
  2. Click “New advertisement”
  3. Under “Standard advertisements”, scroll down and select “HTML or 3rd-party code” ad then click “Create HTML or 3rd-party code”
  4. Enter the name for your advertisement
  5. Enter your HTML code
  6. Enter the destination URL link
    1. Often, this is included already in the HTML
  7. Click “Create advertisement”

Here’s a short video to guide you: