Every campaign has the option to be marked as Paused or Archived. The options may sound like they perform similar actions, but the use cases for pausing versus archiving a campaign are very different. Pausing campaigns manually prevents ads from running while archiving campaigns simply reduces visual clutter on an advertisers page without affecting the running of ads. 

The summaries below walk you through the difference and details of pausing and archiving campaigns.

Paused Campaigns

Pausing a campaign means that you stop the campaign ads from running on a site. This means that a campaign that has not met its end time or it’s impression quota will no longer display to consumers on a webpage because they have been manually paused. Pausing should be used when you do not want to lose the set up or data from a campaign but the campaign needs to stop running. You can easily see when a campaign’s status has changed to paused on the advertisers home page.

You can toggle a campaign from paused to active by selecting the Paused  option on the Edit Campaign page. For details on editing a campaign take a look at the Update a Campaign documentation. 

Archived Campaigns

Archiving a campaign means that you want to hide the campaign from an advertiser’s page inside Broadstreet. Archiving in no way affects the status or running of a campaign. An archive campaign will continue to run on sites and display ads if it’s impression limit or end date has not been reached. The only difference is that it will not appear under the Campaigns section of an advertiser’s page. 

Functionally, archiving a campaign is simply to limit the visual clutter on an advertiser’s page. Campaigns can be archived in two ways. On the Edit Campaign page, selecting Archived will archive a campaign, as seen in the Update a Campaign documentation. There is also the option next to every campaign on an advertiser’s page, to archive the campaign. 

It is still possible to view archived campaigns and to unarchive campaigns as detailed in the directions below.

View an Archived Campaign

Navigate to the Advertisers option in the left side menu.

This opens the Advertisers page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all existing advertisers in the program. Locate the advertiser who’s campaign you need to view.

The individual advertiser’s page opens. In the top right select Show Archived

You can now see all archived campaigns for that advertiser. To return to the active campaigns for an advertiser, in the top right corner select Show Active.

Unarchive a Campaign

There are two simple ways to unarchive a campaign and return it to the active section of an advertiser. The first step is to navigate to the archived campaign as established in the directions above.

The first option is to open the campaign and on the Edit Campaign page uncheck the Archived option, as seen in the Update a Campaign documentation.

The second option is to simply click the icon to unarchive a campaign next to the campaign’s name.