Broadstreet XPRESS Agency users can track conversions by using the Conversion Tracker ad format. To track conversions:

  1. Create a campaign that should be tracked. You can follow the steps here on how to create a campaign
  2. Once the campaign is created, take note of its ID, shown under the campaign name on the campaign page in the dashboard.
  3. Go to the advertiser where you want to create the ad.
  4. Create a new ad under the same advertiser.
  5. Search for the Conversion Tracker ad format.
  6. Click “Create a Conversion Tracker”.
  7. Create the name for your ad.
  8. For the Campaign ID field, enter the campaign ID noted in step one. Fill out other options, such as max age and uniqueness restrictions.
  9. Click “Create advertisement”.

Note: Do not run the conversion tracker in a campaign as you would a normal ad. Simply follow the instructions presented once you create the conversion tracker.

On the campaign’s edit page, you also have the ability to modify whether the campaign should only be shown to users who have not yet been converted.

Here is a short video to guide you: