If you’re ad isn’t displaying, here’s a troubleshooting checklist:

  1. Did you place the Broadstreet zone code on your website where the ad should display?

displaying ads

  1. Did you place the Broadstreet init.js script in the head section of your page?
  2. Do you have the ad booked in a campaign to run in that zone?
  3. Is it possible the same campaign has already displayed an ad on that page? By default, the Broadstreet adserver will only display one ad per campaign per page.
  4. Is the ad you uploaded a valid image format, such as .gif, .jpg, or .png? If you don’t see an ad displaying in the preview area within the dashboard, this may be the case. Try clicking “Edit Advertisement” and re-uploading the image.

If you’re running into the issue where multiple campaigns are running on the page, you can either book the ad in separate campaigns, or edit the zone settings to Allow Duplicate Ads.

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