If you have parted ways with an advertiser and no longer need to keep their information you can easily delete them from Broadstreet with a simple two step process. Note that deleting an advertiser cannot be undone and the associated data will be permanently removed. This means that any data and analytics recorded for these advertisers and their ads will be removed from the program permanently. 

Oftentimes it is more appropriate to archive advertisers in order to retain the data associated with them, for more information on archiving advertisers see the documentation here

The directions below walk you through how to delete an advertiser.

Locate the Advertiser

Navigate to the Advertisers option in the left side menu.

This opens the Advertisers page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all existing advertisers in the program. Locate the advertiser you need to delete and click on the advertiser name.

The page for the individual advertiser opens. 

Delete the Advertiser

Once you’re on an advertiser’s page, click Edit Advertiser in the top right.

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the button to Delete this Advertiser in the bottom left.