Is your impression counts not matching? Sometimes you might see a conflict between the impression count in your Broadstreet account and the impressions counted elsewhere.

The main reason for this is that Broadstreet’s code will generally execute before another’s code.

Broadstreet’s adserver executes extremely fast (often 20 – 50ms), while DFP, for example, can often take 500ms (10x) for even their most expedient deliveries.

So it means that although Broadstreet tracks an impression, it cannot possibly know when or if DFP’s ad is actually loaded. That’s up to DFP.

Another reason for a mismatch is that there may be additional factors such campaign pacing on the other platform’s end. Perhaps the campaign was set to “pace” itself over a given amount of time? In that case DFP, for example, might have served a “blank” while Broadstreet tracked an impression (again, there is no way to know from our end whether DFP is actually delivering). Maybe the ads were geo-targeted on the DFP side?

What we always know is that from our end our tracking is very accurate and you can know for certain that the impressions are correct for Broadstreet’s data.


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