In order for your advertisements and campaigns to display on your website, you need to add some code from Broadstreet to your site. Before you get ready to add code to your Weebly site, you should first have created some zones, advertisements, and campaigns for your site. You can find more information on creating zones, advertisements and campaign in the articles below: 

To add Broadstreet zones to your Weebly site you must first add some script code from any zone on Broadstreet to your site’s header or footer. After that, every zone has its own unique zone code that should be added where you want ads to display on your site.

The directions below will describe the basics of setting up Broadstreet on a Weebly site.

Locating Script and Zone Codes

Remember that zones are like the billboard space you want to place your advertisements in. Once you’ve created zones in Broadstreet, you need to add the code for these spaces to your website. 

Navigate to the Zones option in the left side menu. 

This opens the Zones page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all existing zones in the program. Locate the zone that you want to add to your website and click on the zone name.

The page for the individual zone opens. In the top right corner click Get Zone Code.

This opens the Zone Code page. Along the top tabs, select Javascript (v2.0). There are two boxes of code you will need to copy and paste. 

The first box of code contains script code. Script code must be added to your site before anything else is done and only needs to be added a single time. It does not matter which zone you choose, script code remains the same for your Broadstreet network and only needs to be added to your Weebly site once. This code allows Broadstreet to work with your site.

The second box of code contains zone code, which needs to be added individually on every page where you want zones to appear. This code is saving and placing your Broadstreet zones onto your website pages.

Add Script Code to Weebly

Follow the directions above to locate the script code for your site. Copy the script code from the first box in the Zone Code screen. 

Open your Weebly site.

Click to embed a code block in the header or footer of a page. Once the block is on the page, paste the script code and save the page.

For more information on Weebly code blocks, see their documentation here

You only have to do this process once. Now all that is left is to add your individual zones to the pages you want them displayed; follow the directions below to accomplish this.

Add Zone Code to Weebly

For every zone you want to display on your site, you will need to add the zone code to the web page in the location you want ads to display. Use the section above to locate the zone code for the zone you’re adding. Copy the zone code from the second box in the Zone Code screen. 

Open your Weebly site.

Click to embed a code block wherever it is you want your zone to display ads. Once the block is on the page, paste the zone code and save the page.