In order for there to be an advertisement, there must first be an advertiser in Broadstreet. If you have not already created an advertiser, see the documentation here to do so. 

Advertisements are the actual content that you want displayed to users of your site. Advertisement selections require some research beforehand with our over 113 options for ad format types. It is recommended you read through the entirety of this article and then spend some time looking at our ad formats (or talking to one of our experts) before deciding on your ads. 

The directions below walk you through how to create a new advertisement.

Select the Advertiser

Navigate to the Advertisers option in the left side menu.

This opens the Advertisers page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all your advertisers within Broadstreet. Locate the advertiser whose ad you need to create and click on the advertiser name. 

The individual advertiser’s page opens. There’s a section specifically for Advertisements. If you have already created advertisements for that advertiser, they will appear in the list below. 

To create a new ad, select + New Advertisement in the top menu bar.

If there are no advertisements yet, click Create One in the Advertisements section.  

This opens the New Advertisement page for the advertiser. Broadstreet has over 100 premium ad formats to choose from. 

Select the Ad Format

Ads are broken into different sections along the left side, such as Top Sellers, Video, Newsletter Friendly and more. You can click one of the options to see all the ad formats available in that section. 

With the exception of Standard Advertisements, each available ad format has three components to it, the description of the ad with an option to create one, a link to an example of what the ad will look like, and example code to embed the ad in your media kit. 

See Example Ads

When you click to see an example of an ad, you’ll be brought to the ad format article in Broadstreet’s knowledge center. The ad format article not only provides visuals of what the ad will look like but has a breakdown of the different information and inputs you can enter for that format. 

Embed an Example Ad

If you have questions on how to embed the code into your media kit, click the example link, the bottom of the ad format article has a section with examples on how to embed code.

Search for an Ad Format

You can search for ad formats if you know the name of an ad format you want to use or have a specific type of ad that you want a special format for. For example, you can search “Facebook” in the top search bar.

Each section will display the number of ad formats that match your search term. From there you can click in the section and peruse the available ad formats.

 Once you have found the ad format that you want, click the button to Create a [ad format name]

Enter Ad Format Details

Once you have clicked to create your ad, you will be brought to the Enter Details page. There are three main sections to work with your ad details, the basic information setup, the preview screen, and the additional options for each ad format.

Basic Information

The same basic information needs to be entered for every type of ad format. A breakdown of these fields can be found below:


Enter the name you want to identify the ad by.

Allows Editing?

By default, advertisers are not able to change advertisements. If you would like to give them the ability to do so, click to enable this feature. Advertisers will be able to edit every aspect of an ad. Once an advertiser is finished, the ad will wait for your approval before running.

Preview Screen

The preview screen allows you to see the changes that you are making to an ad format in real-time. Once on the site, the ad may not perfectly match what was seen on the preview screen, but it will give you a good idea of how the ad will look. For a more detailed look at how the ad will appear, see the documentation on how to Preview an Advertisement.

Additional Options

All ads have special options and settings that relate to their specific format. A breakdown of how to enter the information for each of the ads can be found in our Ad Formats articles. Simply search for the ad format you are working with and you will find an article with sample images as well as a complete breakdown of all the additional option fields and their meanings.

When you’re done filling out the fields for your ad, click Create Advertisement at the bottom to save and create the ad.