The advanced report is one of the two reports tailored for sending to advertisers in Broadstreet to show them the analytics for an individual advertisement. For an overview of all the different reports available in Broadstreet, see the documentation here.  

This report displays the analytics for individual advertiser ads through a set period of time. You can see information such as views, hovers, clicks and CTR. There is the option to download this report as a CSV and send to clients as well as an option to send a dynamic url link so that advertisers can run the report with their own custom dates. 

To understand how to run, download, and use an advanced report to understand your performance, read through the summary sections below.

Run an Advanced Report for an Advertisement

Navigate to the Advertisers option in the left side menu.

This opens the Advertisers page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all your advertisers within Broadstreet. Locate the advertiser whose ad you want to run an advanced report on. 

The page for the individual advertiser opens. There’s a section specifically for Advertisements. Click the advertisement you want the report on.

This opens the page for the individual advertisement. In the top menu select Advanced Reporting

This brings you to the advanced report page for that specific advertisement. In the top you will see a section called Reporting Date Range that contains a set of date fields. The leftmost date is the time you want to start to display information from and the rightmost date is the last date you want to display information through. Click Set Range to see the analytics from the selected time period.

You can now see, in detail, activity that has occurred for a specific ad.

Send a Dynamic Advanced Report

If you want to impress your advertisers and let them control the time periods they can view reports for, you can send them a dynamic report link. On the advanced reporting page, select Get Downloadable Report

A new tab will open where the advanced report for that advertisement can be generated. Just like when you normally run a report, there are date options at the top of the screen. Whoever is sent the url for that page is able to adjust the dates to run a dynamic report. There is even an option so that the user can choose whether they only see active ads, or also see any ads that may have been archived and their data.

Once the desired dates are selected, click Generate Report, and all the analytics will populate in the selected space. 

The dynamic link is a great way to provide advertisers an easy way to check in on their ads and analytics at their convenience. All an advertiser needs to do is bookmark the URL, and they can have access to up to date analytics.