When you generate a report from a dynamic link, Broadstreet keeps a record of that report. This means that you can easily return to look at the results of previous reports without having to download and keep track of each previous record. 

For reference, Overall Reporting and Advanced Reporting allow you to create dynamic links that can generate reports. See the articles for Overall Reporting and Advanced Reporting for more details on how those dynamic links work. 

The instructions below show you how to view your report history and let you access previously run reports.

Locate Report History

Navigate to the Report History option in the left side menu.

This opens the Report History page. Here you can see all reports that were generated from dynamic links. 

Report History Options

There are a few different ways that you can view the previous reports that you’ve run. The date range, job started date and title of the reports will help you determine which one you want to view again. 

Web Reports

This will open up the report in a web browser. The report will have the same parameters originally set when it was first run.

PDF Reports

The results of the report will open up in a static pdf format.

Public Links

This option will also open the report in a web browser with the original parameters set.