How to avoid ad blockers. It’s tempting to think you can work around ad blockers. Ad blockers make it very convenient for readers to block out ads based on URL patterns, DOM element classes or IDs, etc. They’re a sad reality for advertisers.

In fact, AdBlock, the most popular, works off an “Easy List” with over 4MB of domains and patterns that it blocks. While changing the URL may remove you from the list momentarily, it would likely end up back on “Easy List” and be blocked in a matter of days.

Any professional-grade adserver that you ultimately choose will be subject to the same problems.

Rather than playing this cat and mouse game, our recommendation for the technical savvy is to detect the existence of an ad blocker, and display a message to the end reader asking them to disable it for your site.

Another option is whitelabeling, you can check this help article for more information Avoid Ad Blockers or Whitelabeling

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