Broadstreet is a software created for publishers that allows you to easily place and analyze advertisements on your website and in your newsletters. To get started with Broadstreet, there are a few key components you need to understand.

The first thing to understand in Broadstreet is that you will have advertisers, the people who have products or services to advertise, and zones on your site or newsletters where advertisements can appear. 

Two things need to be created for advertisers in Broadstreet, individual advertisements and then campaigns that determine when, where, and how often advertisements will appear in your zones. All of the components of Broadstreet are simple and easy to understand, this article just contains a basic breakdown of them and a place to find more information. 

The directions below will describe the basics of Broadstreet’s components.


Zones are the key building blocks of Broadstreet. Think of a zone as real estate space, such as a billboard. Zones are the space that advertisements will display on websites and newsletters. You create a zone in Broadstreet and then add its code into your website or newsletter, creating a placeholder for where advertisements will display.

For more information on zones, see the following articles:

Once zones have been created in Broadstreet, you need to add them to your website or newsletter. The process will depend on the type of website you have, see the following articles for assistance:


Once you have your zones (where your advertisements are displayed) are set, you are ready to make your advertisements! Broadstreet has over 100 different ad formats to choose from. This allows the ads from your advertiser to stand out. You will create your advertisements within Broadstreet.

Before diving into advertisements, take a look at the Ad Formats available. There are custom ad formats for all kinds of niche advertisements such as real estate or health care available.

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As soon as you have your advertisements created, it’s time to create campaigns. Campaigns, just like in traditional advertising, are when, how, and where ads will appear in front of viewers. In Broadstreet you can create campaigns that will determine what zones ads will appear in, how many views or what length of time they will remain for, and if they will appear in multiple zones at once or only in individual instances. 

With these three components, you can use Broadstreet to create custom and robust advertising experiences that your advertisers will love. 

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Broadstreet maintains comprehensive analytics on advertisements and campaigns run for advertisers. With the click of a mouse, you can access information on the click rate, impressions and more for advertisements that are run on Broadstreet. Even more detailed reporting is available on the performance of different zones set up on your site and numbers on a campaigns run to help you fine tune your advertising practices.

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