Sometimes you need to make advertisements that share most all of the same basic features and information; rather than going through nearly identical advertisement setups, you can simply clone an existing advertisement. 

A cloned advertisement will have all of the same information that the original advertisement contained, the only difference will be the (copy) note added to the advertisement title and the different Advertisement ID for assigning advertisements to campaigns.

The directions below walk you through how to clone an existing advertisement. 

Clone an Advertisement

The first thing you need to do is find the advertisement that you want to create a clone of, which means finding the advertiser that owns the ad.

Navigate to the Advertisers option in the left side menu.

This opens the Advertisers page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all your advertisers within Broadstreet. Locate the advertiser whose ad you need to clone and click on the advertiser name. 

The page for the individual advertiser opens. There’s a section specifically for Advertisements. Click the Clone icon to the right of the advertisement name you want to create a copy of.

Identify Cloned Advertisements

Advertisements that have been made as a copy of an existing ad can easily be identified by their title. On an advertiser’s page, cloned advertisements will have (copy) added to the end of the ad title. Cloned ads will also be missing a created date and the options to clone or archive them. You cannot make a clone of a cloned advertisement.

Edit Cloned Advertisements

Once created, any aspect of a cloned advertisement can be edited just like any normal advertisement. For more details on updating and editing advertisements, see the documentation here