When creating a new advertisement you need to select an ad format. Broadstreet has over 100 different types of ad formats for your advertisements! If there are certain ad formats that you use often, you can favorite them to make them easier to find and reuse. Favoriting an ad format creates a new Favorites category to hold any selected ads.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to favorite and unfavorite ad formats. 

Note: In order to work with ad formats, you need to be on the page to create an advertisement. For a review on creating ads and using ad formats, see Create an Advertisement.

Favorite and Unfavorite an Ad Format

Use the search bar or select the category to find the ad format that you want to favorite. 

In the top right of an ad format, click the star. All ad formats, with the exception of the Standard Advertisements, can be added to the Favorites category.

When the star is a solid gold color, the ad format has been added to the category of Favorites.

To remove an ad format from Favorites, simply click the star again.