Sometimes a client’s webpage is updated or adjusted and the zones that have been created for them are no longer needed. Removing a zone in Broadstreet is a simple process of opening the zone settings, selecting to delete and confirming your decision! 

It’s important to note, however, that html and tags may also need to be removed from your website once a zone is no longer going to be used for that. For details on zones and how they may be integrated into your webpages, see the documentation on here and talk to your site developer about removing any necessary code.

The directions below walk you through how to delete a zone from Broadstreet.

Locate Your Zone

Navigate to the Zones option in the left side menu. 

This opens the Zones page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all existing zones in the program. Locate the zone that you need to delete, and click on the zone name.

The page for the individual zone opens. 

Delete Your Zone

Once you’re on a zone page, click Edit Zone in the top right.

This opens the Zone Details page. 

Scroll to the bottom of the Zone Details page until you see the button to Delete Zone in the bottom left. 

Remember to consult with your site developer about any code that may need to be removed from webpages.