Often there are multiple zones on a webpage. Occasionally you may want to have just one zone repeated in different locations on your webpage. It is possible to have a single zone placed on a webpage multiple times, you can have your developer add the required code as needed. 

However, by using duplicate zones on a page, you may have problems with an ad only displaying once on the page instead of in all of the zones. This happens because the ad server is set up to, by default, prevent the same campaign from displaying multiple times on a page.  There are two remedies for this problem, running ads in separate campaigns or editing zone settings.

The summaries below explain what you need to know about solutions to ad display problems with duplicate zones.

Create a New Ad Campaign

One solution to the problem is to create more advertisement campaigns containing the ads you want to display. With multiple campaigns you have the option to assign the ads to a zone and then give each campaign a campaign weight that determines how often it will cycle through a zone. 

For more information on understanding campaign weights, see the documentation here

Allow Duplicate Ads

Navigate to the Zones option in the left side menu. 

This opens the Zones page in Broadstreet. Here you can see a list of all existing zones in the program. Locate the zone that you have duplicated on a page and click on the zone name.

The page for the individual zone opens. Click Edit Zone in the top right.

Scroll down the Zone Details page until you see the option to Allow Duplicate Ads? Enable the feature by checking the box. 

Ads should now display in all of the assigned zones, even if a single zone is positioned multiple times on the same page.