Ads can be placed directly in your email newsletters with Broadstreet. Just like with a web page, the first thing needed to include advertisements in your newsletters is to create zones and add them to your newsletter templates.

Broadstreet has two ways to include zones into your newsletters. In the section below, a brief description of both methods will be described as well as a note on the limitations of newsletter ads as opposed to webpage ads.

Ways to Add Zones to Newsletters

There are two main ways to include ads in newsletters from Broadstreet, an RSS merge and using “static” zone code. 

RSS Merge

An RSS merge requires a developer, or other knowledgeable party to work directly with your template to integrate your Broadstreet ads. Information on how to start an RSS Merge can be found in the article here

“Static” Zone Code

Using “static” zone code is currently the preferred method of implementing ad zones and involves copying and editing code directly into the HTML editor of your newsletter templates. Information on how to add the code to a newsletter can be found in the article here.

Limitations for Newsletter Ads

Both of these methods allow for you to create a zone in your newsletter templates that you can then schedule campaigns and advertisements in. Please note, however, that newsletters are different from a regular website. Not all features for ads will work in newsletters.

Newsletters are sent and viewed through email clients, and email clients do not allow javascript to be present in emails. This means that certain ad features will not work in newsletters:

  • Zone Rotation Display Settings – a zone set up in a newsletter will not automatically switch out or shuffle to the next ad in a designated amount of time. This feature requires JavaScript to work and cannot be relied on when used in a newsletter. For more information on zone settings, see the article here.
  • Campaign No Repeat Settings – when run on a webpage, campaigns by default will not duplicate on a page. This safeguard will not be present for newsletters and so you should be careful not to repeat campaigns in zones unless you want the duplication of campaigns on a page. For more information on campaign settings, see the article here.
  • Specific Ad Formats – dynamic ad formats will not work within newsletters (for example, The Amazing Cube, Videos ads, etc.). We recommend sticking with the static ad formats.