While we at Broadstreet don’t currently support a direct query-string to keyword call, you can use our keyword functionality to add parameters to your banner displays.

If you wanted to accomplish something like this example:

http://www.example.com will show the standard zone for banner rotation.

http://www.example.com/?partner=partnername will show a banner specific to the partner being requested with the parameter name partner

You would follow these steps:

  1. On each campaign that needs to be called from the query string, click ‘Edit Campaign’ and enter a keyword to associate with the advertiser. For example, if the advertiser is Pepsi, enter pepsi. Save the campaign.

In the code, you’ll want to use some extra parameters in your ad tags in different situations. If the partner name is present in the query string, use:

broadstreet.zone(xxxxx, {keywords: [‘partnername’], softKeywords: false});

That will filter the ads for the matching campaign. If the partner name is not present, you can just display your usual ad tag, which may just be:


Of course, these conditional ad tags can be shown based on custom server side code which detects the parameter and outputs the tag, or you can write some javascript to generate the tag on the fly.

If you opt for the second route, this method for getting query params in javascript may be helpful: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/901115/how-can-i-get-query-string-values-in-javascript

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